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Cultural Clubs

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We all, as a part of an elite league of institutes, aspire to work at the frontiers of human knowledge, innovate technology, initiate revolutions in science and propel national development to new heights. But often in such a competitive environment, work is stressed to the point of mania and this is when comes in the need of recreation. Rediscover your hobbies and explore new ones with Clubs at IIT Bhilai. Mind you there is absolutely no bound on anyone’s interest which also means that there is no bound on how many clubs you can be in – it is all up to you. Currently the following clubs are functional and conduct their respective activities at a regular basis:


 Co-ordinator: Mohammed Sameer

 Description: Our club is all about providing a platform for the students who are seeking a creative outlet in addition to their academic schedule ,and to use their talent in improving the pace of cultural activities in our college. Awaken your inner Picasso while working with people who have a lucid imagination and excellent design skills.

 Objective: We endeavour to help our fellow students to cope up with academic stress and to create an enjoyable ambience for them. We are looking forward to have some independent activities for the same through this club.


  • Design college T-shirts and hoodie
  • Design posters and certificates for clubs and various events of our college.
  • Festival decorations including rangoli were also done under this club.
  • Organise Drawing Competition
Arts Club
Arts Club

Beat Hackers

 Co-ordinator: Rushabh Dhabe

 Description: Feel your feet tingling when the bass drops? Wanna learn a moonwalk or sway like Hrithik? If yes, then this the place where you can let the beats have control.


  • To encourage participation in dance events irrespective of the student's degree of talent.
  • To provide an opportunity to better the dancers in students through constant engagement and also through workshops.
  • To pick the best of dancers and form an efficient college dance team to perform during various occasions within the college when required, and consequently improving quality of performance.
  • To form a team that would introduce the basics of particular forms of dance to interested one.

 Events & Activities:

  • Participated in open mic (IIT HYDERABAD).
  • Participated on Independence day (Freedom Fortnight).
  • 3 workshops conducted for 3 different styles (bhangra, hip hop, and Bollywood style).


 Co-ordinators: Gaurav Verma, Ankit Yadav, Aditya Rajesh

 Description: GOALS, which stands for General Oratory And Literary Society is a society which sprung from the Orators club. Initially confined to the arena of public-speaking, it was decided that the club would expand its ventures and dabble in other literary fields too. The society is a vibrant one, with lots of regular and interesting activities, that both serve to be fun as well as beneficial. Every student taking part in these activities is encouraged to come out of his/her shell and start communicating effectively. The society also has its own newsletter, called the Couch Potato. The contents are typically informal and talk about the most interesting things happening in and around the campus. In all, it is a society that's definitely worth joining, if you want a major upgrade to your people skills!


 Co-ordinators: Rishabh Jain

 Description: "The most exciting acting tends to happen in the roles you never thought you could play" - John Lithgow Drishya, the official drama club of iit bhilai, where you enter into a new world. You forget about yourself and gain the identity of an anonymous character. Here you can be the opposite of what you are or anyone you want to be. You will get a chance to act, write scripts, direct plays or you can also become a story teller. I, as a coordinator of drishya assures you that once you enter this club, you will have lots of fun with enhancement of your drama skills. So all those who believes that – yes there is an actor inside me, then do come and become a part of drishya family.


 Co-ordinators: Ashitabh Misra

 Description: In our daily pursuit to achieve professional excellence we often neglect certain aspects of life. Music is one of them. It is our constant endeavour to spread awareness and induce a diverse music culture around us, encourage students to take up instruments. Giving opportunities to perform in front of a crowd. In our first year as a club we have performed at IIM Raipur Fest- Armageddon and Open Mic event at IIT Hyderabad.

Music Club
Music Club