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Outreach Clubs

We all, as a part of an elite league of institutes, aspire to work at the frontiers of human knowledge, innovate technology, initiate revolutions in science and propel national development to new heights. But often in such a competitive environment, work is stressed to the point of mania and this is when comes in the need of recreation. Rediscover your hobbies and explore new ones with Clubs at IIT Bhilai. Mind you there is absolutely no bound on anyone’s interest which also means that there is no bound on how many clubs you can be in – it is all up to you. Currently the following clubs are functional and conduct their respective activities at a regular basis:

Inside, News and Media Club

 Co-ordinator: Aniket Raj

 About: "Inside" is the student media body of IIT Bhilai. We are a team of dedicated individuals with a zeal for writing and passion for developing media skills. The power of professional media has revolutionized the way things shape up these days around the globe. Inspired by the fraternity of journalists and showmen, we at IIT Bhilai aim to set up a student community committed towards providing an effective forum for communication within the Institute.

 What's our work?

  • Maintenance of the Intra-College Newsletter which features all the happenings in and around the Institution.
  • Handling of Institute’s Social Media profiles in collaboration with the administrative wing of IIT Bhilai.
  • Content Development of websites related to the Institute.
  • Organizing discussions and interviews with dignitaries who visit the Institution.
  • Setting up of and conducting student polls on various matters.
  • Promoting and Publishing various media related to the different spheres of the Institute.
  • Acting as a voice of the Student Community.

The Pixel Snappers

 Co-ordinator: Amit Kumar

 About: From the very beginning of the IIT Bhilai members of the club have showed their dedication and covered all the events organised inside the institute. We, as the members of the photography club, seek to display our love for photography through the consecutive criticism of our peers, leisure activities that involve photography, and the promotion of photography in and around the IIT Bhilai campus.

 Activities: The club have captured moments from every event whether it was cultural event or NSS activity in both photos as well as videos. Members of the club have also covered each tournament of PRAYATNA organised in winter semester 2018. Club has organised photography competitions weekly starting from IIT Bhilai’s first batch itself and giving prizes to winners.

 Acheivements: Club represented IIT Bhilai in the Photowalk 3.0 ( a theme based photography competition ) conducted by IIM Raipur near Marine Drive, Raipur and won first prize of worth of cash ₹ 5000.

 Upcoming Plans

  • Freshers Introduction video like other IITs.
  • Conducting photography competitions on large scale.
  • Theme based short video making competition.
  • Making short videos while collaborating with Drishya, the drama club.

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