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Sci-tech Clubs

We all, as a part of an elite league of institutes, aspire to work at the frontiers of human knowledge, innovate technology, initiate revolutions in science and propel national development to new heights. But often in such a competitive environment, work is stressed to the point of mania and this is when comes in the need of recreation. Rediscover your hobbies and explore new ones with Clubs at IIT Bhilai. Mind you there is absolutely no bound on anyone’s interest which also means that there is no bound on how many clubs you can be in – it is all up to you. Currently the following clubs are functional and conduct their respective activities at a regular basis:

The Space Exploration Society (SES)

 Co-ordinator: Naman Pujari

 About: The newest society of IIT Bhilai, SES is an astronomical society that seeks to provide a platform for conducting activities in the fields of observational astronomy, theoretical astrophysics, and aerospace engineering. As a new society, we have not had any activities conducted yet, but we have prepared an introductory newsletter as a part of the launch. The initial activities are planned to be in the form of presentations. Once we purchase telescopes, the observational activities can begin, which will be very fun! The aerospace part is still under planning, and will probably start functioning a while later as compared to the other 2 segments.

Codificaso Club

 Co-ordinator: Ruskin Manku

 About: The Codificaso Club seeks to develop the student’s minds and capabilities in the massive and overgrowing field of competitive coding and software development.

 Intentions, themes and ideas:

  • We wish to help students on their path of coding by giving them required facilities and opportunities.
  • Knowing more programming languages is never a disadvantage.
  • Practice makes perfect.


  • The core team itself is divided into two groups: one dedicated for competitive coding and other for all the development projects.
  • Any student can seek help from the club in any matters pertaining to the club’s field.
  • Everyone is invited to join and be a part of Codificaso.
  • We support new, innovative ideas and do our best to help guide you through it.
  • Open projects, which require a team to work on, are also available for you to volunteer to work on and spend some quality time with other technical groups and get handy experience.

 Detailed Description:

  • For Competitive coding, we give sets of problems weekly for students to try and solve.
  • Small intra-competitions will be organised on a non-regular basis to excite extra enthusiasm and motivation among the students.
  • Any student who comes up with an idea of a project in the software field can come and discuss with us for any help from the club. Should he need people to work with him, the club will help gather volunteers for the project which he will be encouraged to spearhead.
  • Any and all help will be provided from the club, by coordinating with the authorities.
  • Our aim is to make your dream a reality.


 Co-ordinator: Harshit Bansal

 About: Electronics Club is the most visible club in IIT Bhilai. All the electronics components and chips are issued to the students by the Electronics Club. The best part of the club is students converting their innovative ideas into real-life projects. The Electronics Club motivates students to build practically what they read in theory. The club makes it possible to get hands-on experience in building new machines and gadgets using electronic components for any student. The club provides support, guidance and means to help students realise their conceptual designs and ideas to working real-life machines. The club also organises many activities like competitions, seminars, demonstrations and exhibitions.

 Objectives and Ideas:

  • Group of students sharing a common interest Electronics and its Applications in engineering.
  • Give a taste of building machines and making life easier through technology to the students of all the branches.
  • Passion to combine electronic parts into machines and robots.
  • Expose students to hands-on experience early in life.
  • Promotion of Innovative ideas and designs.
  • Inculcating the good habits and practices of engineering things.


  • Accessible to all students irrespective of the branch.
  • Encouragement of building it for real instead of just designing it on paper.
  • Organisation of events and group activities.
  • A platform to get help and give help.
  • Critical or advisory, feedback is always welcome and is acted upon.

The Epsilon Club

 Co-ordinator: Divya Biswas

 About: Indian Institute Of Technology Bhilai has emerged as one of the most fastest growing institutes in India. Being started in 2016, it gives a strong platform for the students who have great talent, skills & have achieved excellence in the field of academics. The Epsilon Club, a club under the Science & Technology Clubs, IIT Bhilai, is a prodigious & one of the most appreciated feature of this Institute. The idea of providing a common platform for students interested in either Robotics, or Basic Sciences, or both, is what makes it different from other clubs. The main motive of the club is to provide a really strong platform for bringing his/her ideas on Robotics or Basic Sciences, into reality. The Club provides all the necessary assistance for the same. Alongwith, there are several other club activities discussed below. With the motto of “IMAGINE, INVENT, INSPIRE” the club came into establishment in April 2017. Our esteemed group shares a common passion for the field of Robotics & for the field of Basic Sciences.


  • Robotics Workshop
  • Robo Soccer Competition
  • Techmaitry
  • Robo Carnival 2018