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Greetings and Welcome to
Indian Institute of Technology Bhilai

A hearty "Congratulations!!" to all the incoming freshers as you begin an exciting and rewarding chapter in your life. Quench your curiosity by exploring this website and make yourself familiar with life at IIT Bhilai. We look forward to guide you in this journey of exploring your passion. Feel free to post any queries/doubts on "Queries" Page.



"Been there, done that".
A lot of things run in a Freshie's mind during his initial stay at an institution. We are here to clear those clouds of apprehensiveness. The site has almost all the trivial content which a fresher should know about IIT Bhilai. If you are more intrigued, then you can simply post a question on the blog and you will have it answered in the best possible way.



This blog is of the students, by the students and for the students of IIT Bhilai. Here you will get an intimate view of this Institution and its people. If you are a fresher at IIT Bhilai,then this is the right place to halt and make yourself familiar with the institution.


The Mentors

They are a group of senior students who will be helping the juniors in exploring their options and at the same time in progressing forward. This blog is an online implementation of the mentorship scheme. An offline version of this will involve a senior being assigned as a mentor to a group of freshers to guide them in making well informed decisions through their courses at IIT Bhilai.

Message from Student Gymkhana

Dear friends,
On behalf of the student community, I welcome you to Indian Institute of Technology, Bhilai. Congratulations on clearing one of the toughest and most competent examination. But don’t be complacent as you have cleared one hurdle and there will still be many crossing your way.
Being one of the newest IITs’, we are in the early stages of the development of this institute. We are slowly and gradually paving our way in becoming one of the Elite institutes this country has seen.
The Students’ Gymkhana team acts as representative of the students. Here we believe in the well being and all round development of individuals. There will be ample opportunities; you just need to grasp them in order to excel in your endeavour. You will play an integral role in framing the legacy of this institute and carrying it forward.
I am positive that you will have a cracking experience while your stay at IIT Bhilai that you will cherish throughout your life
With best Wishes,
Siddharth Jain,
Students` Gymkhana

A Glimpse into Life @IITBhilai !!

Memories of the year 2016-17 digitized into a small film by Students @IIT Bhilai.

Life @IITBh

A Glimpse into Life @IITBhilai !! Memories of the year 2016-17 digitized into a small film by Students @IIT Bhilai.

Posted by IIT Bhilai on Saturday, July 1, 2017

Your New Journey Begins Here!!

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